Private Consulting

Amanda Floyd has been the driving force behind what has been called the fastest growing practice in the nation. As a Fishbein Fundamentals full access client, our goal is to take your practice to a new level. Based on your personal vision and practice goals, we will work alongside you to make these goals a reality. Through customized training, we will guide you in implementing systems and eliminating obstacles to set your practice and team up for success. We can’t wait to grow with you!

Practices must have attended a conference and had team members attend 1-on-1 Training in order to be eligible for Private Consulting. 

What’s Included

3 Months of Communication

Your 90 days as a Fishbein Fundamentals private client will include a bimonthly 45-minute call with Amanda to review numbers/progress, in addition to two calls between Kasey and your treatment coordinators. Includes full access to our documents and training systems. 

In Office
One-On-One Visit

Bring up to 4 team members to visit the Fishbein flagship office for a full clinical day seeing the systems in action. This day includes personalized training in any of our departments, as well as sitting in on live patients and consults. Lunch and dinner with the Fishbein senior leadership team is included.

*Hotel/transportation not included.

Onsite Visit

Amanda will visit your practice and spend two days on-site with your team observing and reviewing your office flow and systems. 

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