Dr. Sarah Howle is a Rising Star!

Dr. Sarah Howle is a Rising Star!

Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Howle for her Rising Star Award in the Pensacola Independent News.  Every year the Pensacola Independent News receives hundreds of nominations for upcoming leaders in the Pensacola area.  Out of the hundreds of nominations received, the Pensacola Independent News chooses who they deem to be the best and brightest.  The 2018 Rising Stars included a wide variety of professions – including dentists, lawyers, accountants, teachers and artisans.  Here’s what Dr. Howle had to say in her Rising Star interview:

What makes your job ‘click’ for you?

A person’s smile is usually the first thing I notice. I love that my profession uniquely combines science and art in a way that allows me to completely transform someone’s smile.  I’m very lucky to work with a compassionate team who aims to provide the best care for our patients.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Someone once told me that life is a marathon, not a sprint. I tend to have a hard time sitting back and relaxing.

Tell us about the best/most rewarding project you’ve ever worked on.

During dental school, I traveled to Nicaragua on a mission trip to provide dental services to five underserved communities, including a Nicaraguan prison.  Prior to the trip, I never realized the extent to which we could impact the lives of others both physically and spiritually.

What’s on your regular reading list?

I’ve recently been listening to quite a few podcasts.  I do daily devotional and I read a few orthodontic blogs and journals.

What keeps you in Pensacola?

My husband and I moved here last June from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I completed my residency.  We love living on the Gulf Coast and being close to both of our families again.  Pensacola has so much to offer and we plan to call it home for a very long time.

To learn more about Dr. Sarah Howle, check out her page here.