5 Things To Know Before Choosing Your Invisalign Provider

5 Things To Know Before Choosing Your Invisalign Provider


With the popularity of Invisalign, many doctors have decided to jump on board.  Invisalign is an excellent cosmetic treatment to straighten teeth.   The aesthetics of Invisalign are just one of the benefits of this orthodontic treatment.  With all the popularity of Invisalign, how do you choose which provider is the one for you?


1. Choose the Most Experienced Invisalign Provider

There’s a simple way to find out the most experienced provider of Invisalign in Pensacola.  Simply go to ‘Find a Doctor’ on the Invisalign website.  Fishbein Orthodontics is proud to have Dr. Fishbein at the top of the Invisalign provider list in Pensacola in terms of experience.  This is due to the number of successful Invisalign cases Dr. Fishbein has treated on a monthly basis.


Besides the number of cases, Dr. Fishbein is also proud to lecture on Invisalign to Orthodontic residency programs, local dental societies, and orthodontic meetings.  Check out our previous blog article to find out about Dr. Fishbein’s latest speaking engagement.


2. Board Certified Orthodontist

Did you know only 1 in 3 orthodontists are Board Certified?  In fact, Dr. Fishbein is both a Board Certified Orthodontist and a Premier Provider of Invisalign treatment.  Although any licensed dentist can use Invisalign, only a Board Certified Orthodontist has proven results that have been determined to be of the highest quality by the American Board of Orthodontics.


Find out more about what it means to be a Board Certified Orthodontist.


3. Scan vs. Impression

When getting your Invisalign trays fitted, you have 2 options:  Scan or Impression.  Getting a Scan to fit your Invisalign trays is superior to impressions for a number of different reasons.  This includes accuracy of fit, turn-around time, and comfort.


Fishbein Orthodontics provides one of the only Itero Scanners in Pensacola.  This allows Dr. Fishbein to treat more complex orthodontic cases with Invisalign.  Fishbein Orthodontics is extremely skilled with the Itero Scanner, with scan times at 10 minutes or less.


4. Premier Provider of Invisalign

There are a number of different types of providers of Invisalign.  A Premier Preferred Provider requires that the doctor treats at least 24 Invisalign cases every 6 months along with completing a number of continuing education classes.


Fishbein Orthodontics is proud to have both a Premier Preferred Provider of Invisalign and Board Certified Orthodontist.  Dr. Fishbein has completed all the necessary criteria to become a Premier Provider of Invisalign.  Find out more about what it means to be a Premier Provider of Invisalign.


5. Results Matter!

Check the doctor’s results before choosing your Invisalign provider.  Check out some of the Before and After photos of Dr. Fishbein’s work!  We are very proud of our results and you will see many of our patients when browsing through our website.  Be our next dental model!


You have many options choosing your Invisalign doctor in Pensacola.  Remember, Invisalign is only a tool, and the doctor who uses that tool is responsible for achieving the result you desire.  We welcome any questions you have and as always, provide a free consultation to determine if you are an Invisalign candidate.